Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

So...since Alex was in Mexico for Valentine's Day I got to spend it with my 2 1/2 yr old nephew Caleb. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We were connected at the hip all day long pretty much but when his mom and dad left to go celebrate themselves, it only got better! I had been telling Caleb that I was going to take him on a date. I said it enough times that he finally caught on and kept saying "we goin on a date?" It was so funny. Since the kid is only 2 1/2, I thought long and hard what we could do that would be fun for both of us and I decided on dinner and an ice cream cone! We headed to DQ to get some french fries and chicken strips and of course the ice cream for dessert. He was soooooo excited to be out and about with Aunt Jayne. He said the most hilarious thing EVER! I put him in the high chair thing and went to get our food when our number was called. When I sat the tray down on the table, at the top of his lungs Caleb said "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!" Everyone stopped eating a just stared/laughed at him and kept telling me how cute he was! That made my whole night! We got him his ice cream cone for when we got home and as you can tell by the picture, he thoroughly enjoyed it! Ha Ha! I loved every second I was with him because he was so dang pleasant and happy and fun. I LOVE YOU CALEB! Thanks for spending Valentine's Day with me when my hubby was gone! It was perfect!
As you can tell, I mohawked his hair and just at Dairy Queen alone he got 3 compliments on how cute he looked! WHAT A STUD MUFFIN!

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