Thursday, February 26, 2009

He's Home!

So I'm only 3 days late, but better late then never right? My husband is finally home! He wasn't gone for just 10-11 days either! It ended up being exactly 13 days almost to the hour! HOLY MOLY! I sure missed him but he had a great time in Torreon, Mexico for his uncle's wedding. He had a lot of down time to spend with his family down there and sell quite a few things to make some $$$. There are certain items we can buy for CHEAP here and turn around and sell them in Mexico for like double or triple! For example: Alex went to the DI and bought a used bike in "good" condition for $20. Sold it in Mexico with NO PROBLEM for $90. Not a bad turn around huh? He also went to the pawn shop and bought an Xbox for $39 and sold it for $100. While he was down there he learned that the new iphones are HOT! We can buy them here for say $250 and sell them down there for around $600-$800! Needless to say, we are planning a trip to Mexico, this time I'd be going of course, as soon as tax season is over and my job allows it and come back with a good chunk of change! I am so glad to have him home. I realized in those 2 weeks that I take him for granted in so many different ways and how much I appreciate his help around the house. I love him so dearly.

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  1. it's so great to hear that your hubby is back!!! being apart sucks!!!!
    Good to know you guys are doing well!!!