Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gone for a good 11 days... :(

As probably MOST of you know, Alex has alot of family in Mexico since his mom is from there. Anyway...his uncle is FINALLY getting married (he's almost 40!) so the WHOLE family and I mean W-H-O-L-E family packed up their cars and headed out this afternoon for the 30 hour journey to Torreon, Mexico to be apart of it. Everyone except me that is...I started my new job as a secretary at Cook, Martin, Poulson CPA firm 5 week ago and as part of the job I can have ZERO days off from the day I started until April 15th. Ya, how bad does that suck that the wedding fell in those 3 months?!?! So with that being said, I am home ALL alone for the next 11 or so days/nights with no one to talk to except my baby Boomer and, well, that's it I suppose. Luckily it's already Tuesday night and I will be going home to my parents in Burley, ID Friday night right after work for the entire weekend. Can I just tell you how bad I DISPUISE being alone? It's my worst fear to be alone, die alone, be scared alone, or ANYTHING ALONE! This is going to be a real test. Alex and I haven't been apart for longer than 3 days since we got married 2 yrs and 4 months ago! I know you all probably think I'm such a whiny little baby but hey, I can't help it ok? So...if anyone wants to chat, text, or talk you know my number!

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  1. Hey! Well Jayne I totally feel your pain. Andrue is on his two weeks of anual tour in WA. He has been gone for 8 days and he still has nine more, and I too hate being alone it sucks!