Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girls Weekend!

This is a REALLY late post, and my sister-in-law Heather already posted it on hers today, but I wanted all my friends to see it too! Mom, Heather, and Katelyn headed to Logan two Saturdays ago to have a girls day out! It was an ALL day thing! They left Burley, ID at about 6:30 AM, picked Katelyn up in Pocatello on the way, and finally made it to my house at about 9:30 AM. We immediately went to breakfast at the BEST restaurant in Logan: Angie's (It's where the locals eat). It's like 10X better than Ihop. It's good home cookin! Mom and Heather got some delcious looking strawberry belgian waffles, Katelyn got biscuits and gravy, and I got the Denver Omlet! SO YUMMY! We headed straight to the mall and spent a good 2 or 3 hours there! Katelyn and I each got a sweatshirt (I want the one she got!). Heather got a pair of jeans and lots of cute jewelry. Mom just bought a bunch of stuff for Garrett (spoiled brat...ha ha) We all bought some body spray and lotion at Bath & Body Works. I also bought 2 cute work shirts and some cute jewlery myself.
As you can see in one of the pictures, Katelyn had one heck of a time trying on "cute outfits"! We basically dared her to try on those hideous, but surprisingly cute, pajamas and we couldn't help but get a picture of that moment! It was such fun day! Oh and before I forget, we stopped and got pretzal bites at Pretzelmaker before heading out! To say the least we were pooped after being at the mall for so long. It was fun, don't get me wrong, but very exhausting so we headed back to my pad and relaxed for an hour or so.We decided to catch the 3:30 showing of "Bride Wars". It was so cute. There were some parts we were laughing hysterically! Directly from the movie we went to Olive Garden for an early dinner since we skipped lunch cuz of a late breakfast (confusing...). It was sooooooooooooooo delicious! We all had leftovers of course! Straight from dinner we went bowling. That was also a blast! Everyone thought mom was going to win the game until on my last frame (I was the last bowler also so it was a true "last ups") I bowled a turkey and ended up winning by like 22 points! It was awesome! Regardless of who won, it was so fun and a great way to end the day full of fun memories. Alot of these pictures were taken when Heather was in the restroom. We took her camera and took ALL KINDS of funny pics and so she thought it would be funny to post them all over the internet as pay back! Ha Ha! Thanks Mom, Heather, and Kate for such a fun day. It will be hard to forget such a wonderful day! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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  1. Loved the pictures! You are Katelyn are so funny! Miss you and your family!