Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Lagoon Trip

Another summer has rolled around once again so it was time for our annual family Lagoon Day! (we didn't have one last year!) As soon as we got to the park and met up with Parker, Heather, and Caleb all Caleb could say over and over again was "We're at the BIG park!" It was so dang cute! He was so excited to go on the rides! He looked pretty darn cute too in his little hat and plaid shorts...I just love that kid to pieces!

Just startin out our day at Lagoon!
Caleb and Lucas' first ride TOGETHER! Pretty sure Lucas cried the entire time and Caleb was like "this is weird...!"
I was so excited to get my turn to take Caleb on a ride! He loved this one in fact he went on it a couple times I think...not sure...
Caleb also wanted to ride the helicotor so bad so as soon as we got off the dinosour he ran over to it!
Caleb and Lucas steering the whatever you want to call it ride. I think it was some kind of a boat or something I'm not sure... Lucas actually liked this one!
Parker, Heather, Caleb, and I riding the kiddie boat thing...they have some pretty cool ones these days!
I will ALWAYS be a kid at heart!
Caleb on the swings!
Lucas L-O-V-E-D us for sharing our dippin dots with him! that was until his mom said "he hasn't eaten lunch yet!" ha ha

Bear Lake

On our way to Bear Lake we couldn't resist stopping along side the road and taking some pics because it was so green and beautiful!

Mike and Raquel! Isn't her little belly so gosh dang cute!? She is about 7 months along!

Ya gotta mark the occasion in the sand!
Oh how I love him!
Alex and Mike being chickens and not getting in the FREEZING water!
Us girls were the only ones who ever really got in the water. Alex got in for like 2 minutes and was out of there and Raquel and I sat our there and talked for quite a while. Of course we were farther out then what the picture shows....a little bit...ha ha
Mike & Raquel once again. They are so stinkin' cute together!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Logan Cruise In!

What is the Logan Car Show and Cruise In without your friends!? Alex and I went early in the morning on the 4th to find us a good spot to watch the cruise in. We just backed the truck up into a car stall at Smiths and it was one of the best seats in the house!
Mike &'d think we were all connected at the hip becaue we are ALWAYS together! They are our best friends in the whole world! AND COUSINS AT THAT!
The "gang": Alex and I, Linda, Will, Mike & Raquel, & Dennis...all of Alex's cousins except for his brother Will.
Mike & Will


Waiting for the fireworks to start at Romney Stadium. We didn't go inside the stadium, we just parked the truck in the parking lot and it was a perfect view!

The fireworks were GREAT! To be honest, it was one of the best firework shows I'd seen in awhile...
Mike & Raquel sat in the bed of our truck with us and it was a really good time!PRETTY!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Camping at Silver Lake

On Saturday afternoon we packed up all our camping gear, picked up Alex's two cousins Eric & Dennis who also live in Logan, drove to Pleasant Grove to pick up Alex's buddy and his wife and dog and headed up to Silver Lake which is up American Fork canyon. All in all in was a 2 1/2 hour drive up there but it was worth it. We only camped for the one night, but spend the whole 2 days fishing, riding the quad's, shooting the guns, and just hangin out. It was actually alot of fun. Here are some pictures. As you can tell, it wa GORGEOUS up there! The sun was so bright and after only one full day, we came home

Alex and his cousin Eric standing next to Silver Lake

Alex and I standing my Silver Lake at was so peaceful!

The view was amazing!

Taking a break from riding the quad and giving Boomer a snack!

Alex through Boomer and his friend's dog Dawkins into the Lake and they loved it but got out pretty quick cuz it was freezing!

Boomer and mommy standing by Tibble Lake on our way down from our campsite on the way home. It was just as beautiful!


Our own little family standing my Tibble was a fun weekend!
OK so I HAD to post these two pictures because they are just way too funny not to share them! Just like all of us, Boomer was POOPED from the sun and exhausted from playing with Dawkins the whole trip that the minute we got going on the freeway on our way home he was OUT like a light! He looked sooooo uncomfortable but he was so asleep it was ridiculous! I had to take a picture! He was way dirty just like all of us too so I apologize for him looking lke a slob dog!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stampin' Up Party!

This blog is a personal invitation for all those family and friends who live nearby namely: Aunt Peggy, Kara, Paige, Aunt Lynn, Emily, Shannon, Jessica, Monica, Aunt Jo, Ashley, Mom, Katelyn, etc etc etc. I know I've missed plenty of people but ANYONE is invited and bring a friend!
I went to one of these parties that a co-worker was the hostess for and FELL IN LOVE with making cute cards! They are so cheap, so cute, so personalized versus buying a card from the store, and you have a blast making them! I am hosting my own Stampin' Up! party and here are the details:
Stampin' Up! Party
Date: June 19th (Friday)
Time: 6:30 PM
Address: 1585 N 400 E #523 North Logan, UT 84341
RSVP: 435-225-4330 (me) by Monday June 15th
*It is a 10 cards for $10 party. The exact cards below are the ones we will be making. Two of each one and then the baby cards are just one of each (1 boy and 1 girl) for a total of ten ADORABLE cards!
RSVP to me as soon as you know if you can make it or not so I can make seating and table arrangements. I need to know how many people you will be bringing and how many sets of 10 you want so we can make enough kits for everyone. Also, June is the last month for some really cute stamp sets before the new catalog comes out in July and they are discontinued so bring your checkbooks for some great deals! Even if you can't make it to my party but want to place an order with Stampin' Up! or want a 10 card kit to do at home yourself just let me know. I have a list showing which stamp sets are being discontinued if you are interested in any of those. If you want to look online at the catalog you can and write down the item #'s you want and you can still place the order with me.
Father's day is just two days after the party!
You can make this card into anything you want because there will be lots of different stamp sayings like "Get Well Soon" "Happy Birthday" "Thinking of you" etc.
The little felt button in the middle of the flower is so cute!
I love the colors of this one and it's so cute!
Baby Boy Care
Baby Girl Card

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Camping

Shooting the 12 Guage shotgun! It's really kind of a rush for me because it kicks so hard!

Hangin out by the fire eating the usual sunflower seeds
Playing UNO with Raquel
Boomer loved going on four wheeler rides!
A mouth full of seeds and a cheesy smile from me!
Boomer LOVED his first camping trip! He always stayed close to camp, played all day long, and when it came time to go to sleep he went to sleep! The ONLY issue we had was he didnt know what fire was (I was worried about this to begin with) and he walked right through it to start of the trip. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt cuz the fire was tiny but it still scared the crap out of me. He learned though and we never had another problem.
Chillin by the fire and enjoying my time away!
This is the camping gang we went with! Alex and I, Boomer, Mike and Raquel, Mike's little brother Isaac, and Raquel's little brother Austin. We only stayed for one night up on Raquel's family land in Mendon but it was alot of fun. We also took the four wheelers up so we had a riot. It was my first camping experience without my parents so I had to plan the food schedule and all that goos stuff but it turned out great!