Sunday, May 24, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Camping

Shooting the 12 Guage shotgun! It's really kind of a rush for me because it kicks so hard!

Hangin out by the fire eating the usual sunflower seeds
Playing UNO with Raquel
Boomer loved going on four wheeler rides!
A mouth full of seeds and a cheesy smile from me!
Boomer LOVED his first camping trip! He always stayed close to camp, played all day long, and when it came time to go to sleep he went to sleep! The ONLY issue we had was he didnt know what fire was (I was worried about this to begin with) and he walked right through it to start of the trip. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt cuz the fire was tiny but it still scared the crap out of me. He learned though and we never had another problem.
Chillin by the fire and enjoying my time away!
This is the camping gang we went with! Alex and I, Boomer, Mike and Raquel, Mike's little brother Isaac, and Raquel's little brother Austin. We only stayed for one night up on Raquel's family land in Mendon but it was alot of fun. We also took the four wheelers up so we had a riot. It was my first camping experience without my parents so I had to plan the food schedule and all that goos stuff but it turned out great!


  1. We so love camping! We would love to go with you guys some time. We keep thinking, gosh we are so close and can't believe we have not see you yet. Sorry bout that. So I am excited, I think, for camping but nervous to see how Taylor will be and how uncomfortable I will be with my big belly.

  2. Looks so fun! Glad you had a good time.

  3. Hahaha, Jayne shoots a gun like a little girl. Pretty funny, But Very cool!!! Miss U GUYS!!!