Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stampin' Up Party!

This blog is a personal invitation for all those family and friends who live nearby namely: Aunt Peggy, Kara, Paige, Aunt Lynn, Emily, Shannon, Jessica, Monica, Aunt Jo, Ashley, Mom, Katelyn, etc etc etc. I know I've missed plenty of people but ANYONE is invited and bring a friend!
I went to one of these parties that a co-worker was the hostess for and FELL IN LOVE with making cute cards! They are so cheap, so cute, so personalized versus buying a card from the store, and you have a blast making them! I am hosting my own Stampin' Up! party and here are the details:
Stampin' Up! Party
Date: June 19th (Friday)
Time: 6:30 PM
Address: 1585 N 400 E #523 North Logan, UT 84341
RSVP: 435-225-4330 (me) by Monday June 15th
*It is a 10 cards for $10 party. The exact cards below are the ones we will be making. Two of each one and then the baby cards are just one of each (1 boy and 1 girl) for a total of ten ADORABLE cards!
RSVP to me as soon as you know if you can make it or not so I can make seating and table arrangements. I need to know how many people you will be bringing and how many sets of 10 you want so we can make enough kits for everyone. Also, June is the last month for some really cute stamp sets before the new catalog comes out in July and they are discontinued so bring your checkbooks for some great deals! Even if you can't make it to my party but want to place an order with Stampin' Up! or want a 10 card kit to do at home yourself just let me know. I have a list showing which stamp sets are being discontinued if you are interested in any of those. If you want to look online at the catalog you can and write down the item #'s you want and you can still place the order with me.
Father's day is just two days after the party!
You can make this card into anything you want because there will be lots of different stamp sayings like "Get Well Soon" "Happy Birthday" "Thinking of you" etc.
The little felt button in the middle of the flower is so cute!
I love the colors of this one and it's so cute!
Baby Boy Care
Baby Girl Card


  1. Cute cards...wish I was close enough to come. I haven't been to a card party for a while. :)

  2. Hi Jane... sorry we can't make this weekend to the party. I do love stampin up!

    I wanted to let you know that we have a new blog site now. it's tandeplus3.blogspot.com. I love checking in with you guys via blog, hope everything is going great.

    Love, Emily