Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peyton Turns 5! Happy Birthday!

Peyton is Alex's brother's son, our nephew! His birthday isn't technically until December 5th but since he's going to be with his mom at the time, we had a birthday party for him at our house before Will took him back to his mom's house in Salt Lake. Everything about it was awesome except it was just the 4 of us. Grandma and Grandpa Nelson were in Juniper, all the cousins Peyton likes to play with were out of town, and the aunts and uncles were working. This was our only chance though to make Peyton's birthday special so we MADE it work and it was wonderful! Peyton got spoiled rotten as you can see from the pictures. And it wasn't by us! Will loves Peyton so much and he wanted him to have the best birthday ever and he did! Peyton picked out his cake at the Walmart bakery which was a marble Elmo cake and it was delicious! The plates, napkins, and party favors were his favorite, Transformers! The picture at the very end shows everything set up before we dug into the cake! I had to take the picture of Peyton pointing to the "Happy Birthday" sign because he wanted a sign like that soooo bad! The gift we got him was the HUGE bag of giant Legos that he wanted so incredibly bad! When he goes to his cousins house to play they all have them and he is entertained for hours with them and is always sad that he has to leave and go home where he doesn't have giant Legos. Not anymore bud! We love you Peyton and can't wait for ANOTHER 5 years with you!

Ready To Hit The Slopes!

We can't live in Utah and NOT go snowboarding! Ha ha well we've lived in Utah pretty much our whole marriage except for 6 months in Hawaii and we have never been together! Alex has NEVER been in his life and I used to go ALL THE TIME when I was in Jr. High and High School but haven't at all since then. It's cheaper to just buy your own stuff then to rent it everytime you go especially if you plan on going quite often, which we do, so we went out on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) and both bought ourselves brand new snowboard packages at Sports Authority. They were $400 packages for like half the price so we handed over the cash and we're ready to hit the slopes! Last winter we bought all our gloves, goggles, boots, coats, and snow pants so now all we need are beanies!

Friday, November 28, 2008

American Family Insurance

As alot of you know, I am working for American Family Insurance again just like I was for a year before Hawaii. I am obviously working for a different agent here in Logan since I used to work for Stephanie Tanner in Pleasant Grove before, but it's still the same amazing company and state, BUT this new agent, Josh Barnett, is licensed in Utah AND Idaho! What this means is my window of opportunity to sell LOTS of insurance policies has opened up COMPLETELY! Here's my sales pitch: There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to sign up from a quote! All it takes is a few pieces of information from you and a couple minutes of my time to run a quote. I am personally licensed to sell auto, home, business, and contractor's insurance. I am working strictly off of commissions so PLEASE call me! I have found that some people I cannot save money because of whatever reason, yet others $10-$65 month! I'm not talking state miniumums here either folks! I'm talking about selling you an insurance policy that will actually take care of you not IF you need it but WHEN you need it! I believe in this company or else I wouldn't be working for them! They have been around for about 82 years and are a Fortune 500 Company! I would LOVE to save people in my group of family and friends money. Not only that but make sure everyone has GREAT coverage. If you hear of anyone who is shopping around for any kind of insurance that I mentioned earlier, give them my number: 435-225-4330. If YOU yourself aren't shopping around, at least let me give you a quote. You may just be surprised to hear you're paying too much! Thanks for all your support. I'll be waiting for your MANY calls! ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our New "Home" in Logan, UT

We are officially Utah residents! We signed the lease on our new apartment on November 17th and we can HONESTLY say we love it here so far! We are only a block away from Walmart, kiddie corner from the Cache Valley Mall, way close to every restaurant you can imagine, down the street from Ross and Kmart, etc. Most importantly, we are CLOSER to our families which is the real and ONLY reason we moved to Logan. A huge majority of his aunts & uncles and cousins all live here and our immediate families are only 1-2 hrs away instead of 3 hrs when we lived in Orem and not an OCEAN away when we lived in Hawaii. It's just so good to be back. Here are some pictures of our brand new apt and our brand new furniture since we sold almost everything we had when we moved across the ocean! We bought brand new matching sofas which are so beautiful. They are half leather half microfiber...just what we wanted! Besides that they look great, we got a steal of a deal from the outlet furniture store we bought them from. YAH! Alex bought a 42" Vizio 1080 LCD TV which is his

Michael and Roquel's wedding 11.8.2008

I know it's been almost 2 weeks since the wedding, but with moving and trying to find jobs it's been really tough to update my Blog as often as I'd like. Michael Corral is Alex's first cousin. His mom and Alex's mom are sisters and they are just 2 months apart. Michael and Roquel are so perfect for each other. They are so madly in love with each other and we just want them to know that we wish them happiness and love for a lifetime! We love you guys! Here are a few pictures from their wedding day at the Logan, UT temple.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Playin with the kitties. . .

Maya, my parent's cat, had her second litter of kittens 3 1/2 weeks ago and they have started to walk EVERYWHERE! There are 4 of them: 3 dark and one white just like Maya. They all have pretty blue eyes like their mama too. Maya moved them from the box to under mom and dad's bed last week. Caleb just loves to see them...not HOLD them, just see them and let them crawl on him.

My New Car!'s nothing fancy, BUT it's cute and gets EXCELLENT gas mileage! In fact, on the way home from Ogden where we bought it, it got 40.1 mpg! It is a 2006 Ford Focus, 20K miles, 5 Speed, Maroon, tinted windows coming soon, CLEAN title, and a steal of a deal! I LOVE IT!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Making a Cake with Caleb

Can I just say how much I L-O-V-E my nephews! Between Lucas and Caleb I don't know which one makes me laugh more! Parker, Heather, and Caleb came home to Burley for the week for job interviews so Alex and I have had a lot of time to spend with Caleb. Since we last saw him in August 2 1/2 months ago, his vocabulary has increased by like 200% no lie! He says the funniest things and sometimes with the funniest attitude (which isn't always good, but cute). Mom asked me to make a cake for Sunday dessert and I figured hey, why not have Caleb help me? It would be great bonding time! Sure enough Caleb happily accepted, drug a chair over to stand on, and said "You Help Me?!" He helped me crack the eggs, measure the oil and water, and stir it all up with a spoon and then with the electric mixer. He kept looking up at me and saying "You Help Me?!" I couldn't stop smiling! I love that kid!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Hair Color

So I needed a change....I've had the same hair color since before I moved to Hawaii 7 months ago! I am now a dark DARK brown almost black and I love it! What do you think?

Garrett's last High School football game

I am so glad we were able to make it to Garrett's last football game of his High School career. Garrett is my little brother, #1, baby of the family, and it's his senior year. He is no lie the star of the football team. He makes almost EVERY tackle, and the radio announcers can't stop talkin about his skill! He has the biggest heart of anyone on the football team and he deserves some serious compliments! Aunt Jo and Uncle Ted drove all the way from Willard, Utah so watch him also. It was so fun even though Burley lost 49-13.

A day with Lukie Tookie

After our week long trip in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, it was finally time to make our way back "home" to Idaho. We got to thinking that it would be faster and BETTER to go through Las Vegas so we did. Of course we couldn't just drive THROUGH Las Vegas without stopping for a visit with Robyn, John, Lucas, and Tibo! We got to their house Sunday night at about 11:00 PM. Fortunately they were still awake because they had just gotten home from their softball game a few minutes before. Robyn asked that since we were gonna be in town until Tuesday morning if we wouldn't mind babysitting Lucas instead of taking him to the day care all day Monday. Are you kidding me!?! We NEVER get to see that kid so we gratefully accepted! WHAT A DAY! Alex and I learned how to prioritize our time...enough said. Our day consisted of playing ALL morning long, putting Lukie down for his 2 1/2 hr nap, feeding him mac and cheese for lunch, giving him a bath, dressing him, playing some more, hittin up the mall, wrestling with Tibo, taking another nap, and playing some more! He is such a handful now that he's walking but it was so fun to see his personality shine through! He loves his Uncle Alex and Aunt Jayne! His favorite thing to do was pull up my shirt so he could see my belly button and then tickle me! It was the cutest thing ever!!! We love you Lucas and can't wait to see you again next time!