Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snowboarding in March!

Heather was singing at church on Sunday and Robyn John & Lucas were home from Vegas for a family wedding so Alex and I made the trip back home to Burley again. Robyn and John had just purchased some "sick" snowboarding gear on sale in Vegas and wanted to test it out so we hit the slopes. It's almost spring and we're out snowboarding! It was nice because this time Heather could come with us unlike last time over Christmas that she couldn't. Garrett was missing this time around and he seriously makes it even funner because you see him do these hilarious stunts! We missed you bud! As you can tell in the picture, I went the second half of the day with just a sweatshirt and no coat! That's how nice it was! I'm paying for it now though because this morning I broke out with 2 lips full of sun blisters because I didn't put sunscreen on my lips....HORRIBLE enough to not be able to go to work. I'm babying them like there's no tomorrow and I can see the progress, but still. I hate having this stupid Herpes Simplex virus. It makes my lips so dang sensative to bacteria and sunlight that I can almost expect at least a small cold sore everytime I'm out in the sun. It's ugly. I work at the front desk and it's bad enough I would definitely get stares! My top lip is the worst: 3X the size it should be with a ton of oozing blisters and bright pink swollen color. I can't even eat anything except out of a straw. I won't post any pictures because let's be honest...that's why I didn't go to work today! I'm more self conscious than anything I think but ya...life goes on! I'm just looking at the bright side: this same thing happened about a year and a half ago and it was 5X worse! At least it's not THAT bad! Anyway...sorry for the graphic detail. . .

Katelyn brought home a kid she met at ISU. His name was Jake and he was super cool and nice. It was only his second time snowboarding (he's normally a skiier) and he did great. It was mainly Alex and I and Jake & Katelyn because we kept being seperated from the rest of the group after lunch time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

An Early Birthday!

Since my 21st birthday falls on Monday and I work, we went home the weekend prior to celebrate my birthday with Alex and my families. We also went home because Parker and Heather were speaking in sacrament meeting. It was a double wammy! We went up to Albion to the new steakhouse up there called "Craig's". Alex's dad, grandpa, brother, and nephew came from his family and my entire family except Katelyn, Robyn, John, and Lucas for obvious reasons. Alex's mom would have been there but she stayed in Mexico and is coming back tomorrow. Dinner was really good and it was a great way to combine both families and have a good time together for my birthday. On Sunday my mom made me a birthday cake and we ate it before we had to head back to Logan on Sunday night. I have to just brag a little bit now and tell you how AWESOME of a gift giver my husband is! I've been asking for MONTHS for a nice electric skillet for cooking breakfast items OR a nice non-stick FLAT pan for the same thing. HE GOT ME BOTH! He also picked out a super cute home decor sign that says "Live, Laugh, Love". The cherry on top was a gift certificate to get my nails done, a pedicure, and to cut AND color my hair! He is the bestest I swear! I got a $20 bill in the mail from Grandpa Lyons (THANKS G-PA!) and a really soft Burley Bobcats blanket from my parents. It was by far one of the best birthdays ever and the best part is, in my opinion since I'm on a scrapbooking BINGE, is that I got a few pictures! Since I've been married I haven't gotten any pictures from my last 2 birthdays until now! YAH FOR THE MEMORIES AND YAH FOR THE CHANCE TO DOCUMENT IT! Thanks everyone for making my big 2-1 the very best ever! I LOVE YOU!

On our way to Idaho to celebrate all of this, Alex caught Boomer and I both dead asleep! I thought it was a cute pic so I had to share!

One More Day...TILL I'M 21!

One more day till I'm officially a COMPLETE ADULT! 21 BABY! When I say "complete" adult this is what I mean: When you turn 18, you are an adult, but not really. Kind of just half way. Once you hit that big two-one you can gamble (which I don't except for an occasional scratch crossword puzzle where I ALWAYS win my money back at least-$3), you can purchase alcohol (WHICH I DON'T), yada yada yada. See what I'm saying? You are not completely an adult till you hit twenty-one. And I'm at that stage tomorrow! YAH! ha ha