Sunday, March 8, 2009

One More Day...TILL I'M 21!

One more day till I'm officially a COMPLETE ADULT! 21 BABY! When I say "complete" adult this is what I mean: When you turn 18, you are an adult, but not really. Kind of just half way. Once you hit that big two-one you can gamble (which I don't except for an occasional scratch crossword puzzle where I ALWAYS win my money back at least-$3), you can purchase alcohol (WHICH I DON'T), yada yada yada. See what I'm saying? You are not completely an adult till you hit twenty-one. And I'm at that stage tomorrow! YAH! ha ha


  1. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! And I completely understand what you are talking about, I turn 21 on Wednesday and I am so excited too!

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow! I turn 21 on wednesday and I am excited to finally be an adult too!