Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our New "Home" in Logan, UT

We are officially Utah residents! We signed the lease on our new apartment on November 17th and we can HONESTLY say we love it here so far! We are only a block away from Walmart, kiddie corner from the Cache Valley Mall, way close to every restaurant you can imagine, down the street from Ross and Kmart, etc. Most importantly, we are CLOSER to our families which is the real and ONLY reason we moved to Logan. A huge majority of his aunts & uncles and cousins all live here and our immediate families are only 1-2 hrs away instead of 3 hrs when we lived in Orem and not an OCEAN away when we lived in Hawaii. It's just so good to be back. Here are some pictures of our brand new apt and our brand new furniture since we sold almost everything we had when we moved across the ocean! We bought brand new matching sofas which are so beautiful. They are half leather half microfiber...just what we wanted! Besides that they look great, we got a steal of a deal from the outlet furniture store we bought them from. YAH! Alex bought a 42" Vizio 1080 LCD TV which is his


  1. Love it! I am so glad you moved back to Utah. And you are so close to me and Brody! We will have to get together. Send me a text with your number- 801-452-5294

  2. Your place looks classy! I love your taste.....we're gonna have to come and see you guys.