Friday, November 28, 2008

American Family Insurance

As alot of you know, I am working for American Family Insurance again just like I was for a year before Hawaii. I am obviously working for a different agent here in Logan since I used to work for Stephanie Tanner in Pleasant Grove before, but it's still the same amazing company and state, BUT this new agent, Josh Barnett, is licensed in Utah AND Idaho! What this means is my window of opportunity to sell LOTS of insurance policies has opened up COMPLETELY! Here's my sales pitch: There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to sign up from a quote! All it takes is a few pieces of information from you and a couple minutes of my time to run a quote. I am personally licensed to sell auto, home, business, and contractor's insurance. I am working strictly off of commissions so PLEASE call me! I have found that some people I cannot save money because of whatever reason, yet others $10-$65 month! I'm not talking state miniumums here either folks! I'm talking about selling you an insurance policy that will actually take care of you not IF you need it but WHEN you need it! I believe in this company or else I wouldn't be working for them! They have been around for about 82 years and are a Fortune 500 Company! I would LOVE to save people in my group of family and friends money. Not only that but make sure everyone has GREAT coverage. If you hear of anyone who is shopping around for any kind of insurance that I mentioned earlier, give them my number: 435-225-4330. If YOU yourself aren't shopping around, at least let me give you a quote. You may just be surprised to hear you're paying too much! Thanks for all your support. I'll be waiting for your MANY calls! ;)

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