Sunday, November 2, 2008

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Our time in Maui came to an end...but not the fun! We flew from Maui to San Diego where we picked up our truck that we shipped back. Fron San Diego we drove to Phoenix, AZ where we met our family and friends who were taking us to Mexico! They had to drive through Phoenix anyway so it worked out perfectly! We left our truck with Alex's good friend Kyle who lives in Mesa, AZ right outside of Phoenix. The drive to our beach house in Puerto Penasco, Mexico was about 3 1/2 hours. Not bad at all! We had such a splendid time! It wasn't as beautiful as the beach in Maui but it was nicer for the single fact that we could actually ENJOY it without worrying about work or whatever. We were there for a whole week with Alex's distant cousins and family friends who he used to work with in Utah County. The whole week was pretty much just leisurely hanging out at the beach, snorkeling, swimming, and enjoying each other's comany. My favorite thing to do was lay out in the beach chair for hours at a time in the heat of the sun and read my "Twilight" series book. I officially read the entire 2nd book during the week! YAH! We went into town a few different days and went shopping at the flee markets. It was alot of fun. When we went snorkeling we saw TONS of small and big sting rays! Who would have thought there we so many! Alex's cousin Brian tried catching one and it stung him on the thumb. Regardless, he caught a few and let the little kids take turns touching his belly where it's harmless and safe. We saw GIANT hermit crabs walking on the ocean floor also that were pretty cool. All in all, it was a great way to relax and be with the people we love. Enjoy the pictures!

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