Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peyton Turns 5! Happy Birthday!

Peyton is Alex's brother's son, our nephew! His birthday isn't technically until December 5th but since he's going to be with his mom at the time, we had a birthday party for him at our house before Will took him back to his mom's house in Salt Lake. Everything about it was awesome except it was just the 4 of us. Grandma and Grandpa Nelson were in Juniper, all the cousins Peyton likes to play with were out of town, and the aunts and uncles were working. This was our only chance though to make Peyton's birthday special so we MADE it work and it was wonderful! Peyton got spoiled rotten as you can see from the pictures. And it wasn't by us! Will loves Peyton so much and he wanted him to have the best birthday ever and he did! Peyton picked out his cake at the Walmart bakery which was a marble Elmo cake and it was delicious! The plates, napkins, and party favors were his favorite, Transformers! The picture at the very end shows everything set up before we dug into the cake! I had to take the picture of Peyton pointing to the "Happy Birthday" sign because he wanted a sign like that soooo bad! The gift we got him was the HUGE bag of giant Legos that he wanted so incredibly bad! When he goes to his cousins house to play they all have them and he is entertained for hours with them and is always sad that he has to leave and go home where he doesn't have giant Legos. Not anymore bud! We love you Peyton and can't wait for ANOTHER 5 years with you!

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  1. Hey! I can't believe how big he's getting! When I first met him he was Caleb's age! CRAZIE! I like your blog background, it's aweome! And did you figure out how to put music on this thing? Let me know if you need more help -k-? Love you lots!