Monday, June 29, 2009

Camping at Silver Lake

On Saturday afternoon we packed up all our camping gear, picked up Alex's two cousins Eric & Dennis who also live in Logan, drove to Pleasant Grove to pick up Alex's buddy and his wife and dog and headed up to Silver Lake which is up American Fork canyon. All in all in was a 2 1/2 hour drive up there but it was worth it. We only camped for the one night, but spend the whole 2 days fishing, riding the quad's, shooting the guns, and just hangin out. It was actually alot of fun. Here are some pictures. As you can tell, it wa GORGEOUS up there! The sun was so bright and after only one full day, we came home

Alex and his cousin Eric standing next to Silver Lake

Alex and I standing my Silver Lake at was so peaceful!

The view was amazing!

Taking a break from riding the quad and giving Boomer a snack!

Alex through Boomer and his friend's dog Dawkins into the Lake and they loved it but got out pretty quick cuz it was freezing!

Boomer and mommy standing by Tibble Lake on our way down from our campsite on the way home. It was just as beautiful!


Our own little family standing my Tibble was a fun weekend!
OK so I HAD to post these two pictures because they are just way too funny not to share them! Just like all of us, Boomer was POOPED from the sun and exhausted from playing with Dawkins the whole trip that the minute we got going on the freeway on our way home he was OUT like a light! He looked sooooo uncomfortable but he was so asleep it was ridiculous! I had to take a picture! He was way dirty just like all of us too so I apologize for him looking lke a slob dog!


  1. Your puppy is getting so big. He's really cute!

  2. LOng time no bloggin girl! You are starting to be like me! So this place really is beautiful. We are going to have to try camping there some time. Hope you are doing well.