Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We have been loving this beautiful Spring weather recently. We have been taking Boomer to the park every weekend to let him stretch his legs and get some fresh air. We feel bad that we work all the time and he has to stay at home in the bedroom by himself. He gets soooo excited to see us every day when we come home for lunch or come home from a full day of work. In fact, sometimes he gets TOO excited and piddles! Its kind of funny! I love that little boy!!! Anyway...
Here are a few pictures from this last weekend at the park. We don't have any pictures showing this, but he is the worlds best dog at fetch I swear. We never taught him this formally, he just loves to run and get things and then drop then perfectly in mommy's hand so I can throw it again. I got him a cute doggie tennis ball that he runs after and let me tell ya.....I don't think that thing will ever get old to Boomer!
He's so stinkin cute! We haven't really noticed him growing anymore but then again we see him EVERY day so maybe you have noticed he's gotten bigger. He's a strong healthy little boy!

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