Sunday, May 17, 2009

A New Toy!

What's life without a bit of excitement right? We have debated for a few weeks now about buying some kind of fun toy that we can first of all afford, secondly BOTH enjoy, and thirdly use alot. What a better choice than a four wheeler! It's a 2005 Honda TRX450R. It is way nice and so much fun! We just got it on Saturday the 16th and rode it for the first time on some hills today (Sunday the 17th). It is so much fun. It was either that or a bullet bike and so for OBVIOUS reasons I talked Alex into the four wheeler.
Alex thought he was cool drivin it through a tiny puddle but the picture actually turned out pretty cool!
If anyone wants to go ridin' let us know! We aren't very experienced ourselves yet other than the times we've gone with Alex's cousin who are WAY experienced riders, but I still think it would be alot of fun!


  1. You guys are going to have so much fun. It reminds me of when we were kidless and had the time of our lives! We were always riding. Good Times! Another thing WEAR Helmets!!! I am soooo serious. We have rid'en for a long time and we go with friends and have seen some stuff that you think "Thank God they were wearing a helmet"! They are kinda expensive but sooo worth it.

  2. Looks like fun! Wish we lived closer...we'd come play. :)