Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Lagoon Trip

Another summer has rolled around once again so it was time for our annual family Lagoon Day! (we didn't have one last year!) As soon as we got to the park and met up with Parker, Heather, and Caleb all Caleb could say over and over again was "We're at the BIG park!" It was so dang cute! He was so excited to go on the rides! He looked pretty darn cute too in his little hat and plaid shorts...I just love that kid to pieces!

Just startin out our day at Lagoon!
Caleb and Lucas' first ride TOGETHER! Pretty sure Lucas cried the entire time and Caleb was like "this is weird...!"
I was so excited to get my turn to take Caleb on a ride! He loved this one in fact he went on it a couple times I think...not sure...
Caleb also wanted to ride the helicotor so bad so as soon as we got off the dinosour he ran over to it!
Caleb and Lucas steering the whatever you want to call it ride. I think it was some kind of a boat or something I'm not sure... Lucas actually liked this one!
Parker, Heather, Caleb, and I riding the kiddie boat thing...they have some pretty cool ones these days!
I will ALWAYS be a kid at heart!
Caleb on the swings!
Lucas L-O-V-E-D us for sharing our dippin dots with him! that was until his mom said "he hasn't eaten lunch yet!" ha ha


  1. Hey! I hope you don't mind, I saved some of your pictures from this post onto my computer because Parker and I didn't take any snapshots....only videos ( I kNOW what were we thinking?....too excited I guess). And I used some for our blog post too. The pictures were GREAT! Can't wait for you guys to come and see our apartment someday!