Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have had a little bit of mixed emotions today... First of all I had my first doctor's appt here in Logan. It was for my yearly exam and to get some fertility advice. I always am nervous seeing a new doctor, especially after my IDIOT doctor in Hawaii. I hate re-explaining my health history and all that junk. That's one emotion: nervous. The next emotion I felt was "relief" when my doctor walked in the door. The whole appt I felt like I was her priority and she was fighting on my team. She answered all my questions, which lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulders, and she even honored my requests for different types of tests. By the end of the appt (90 minutes later) I had 8 or 9 blood tests taken, a pap smear, breast exam, and a Q & A session. TOTALLY worth the co-pay! I LOVE HER! Thirdly, anger....I'm not gonna get into that one cuz I don't think anyone wants to know that much information about my "female health". To sum it up though, my doctor in Hawaii was an IDIOT! I can't even tell you.....GGGRRRRRRRR! I am so glad I stepped into Dr. Thompson's office today because she steered me in the right direction for starting a family when the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME we were in Hawaii my stupid IDIOT for a doctor was steering me into the middle of no where with no answers, no results, and no ANYTHING! What a waste of my time, money, and insurance. Why do people become doctors when they don't want to help anyone...I just don't get it! Anyway...we're now on the right track so stay tuned the next couple months for some good news (hopefully!)


  1. Jayne I'm so excited for you that you have finally heard some good news. Best of luck with baby making!!!! IT trully helps to have an amazing doctor!

  2. Sorry you had such a bad experience with your doctor in Hawaii, Jayne. I hope this new doctor can help you! It is nice you have found one you feel you can trust and who will be good to you!