Saturday, February 28, 2009

Utah State vs. Hawaii 2.26.09

We LOVE going to as many Utah State basketball games as possible. The Spectrum is always so loud and crazy and every seat in the house has a great view! We went on Thursday night to our 3rd one of the season (not too many) against Hawaii. Aggies won by 20 points! The best part was this: We normally pay for general admission which is $17/person if we can't find any scalpers...this time, right outside the door, there were three 10 yr old kids yelling "We have tickets for sale! The best seats!" so we asked them how much and they said "how much will you give us?" (ha ha) Alex said he'd give them a $10 bill for 2 and they were stoked! So we only paid $10 for two tickets and sat 5 rows from the floor directly behind the Hawaii bench. It was awesome! Also, I've always wanted to get a Utah State Aggies t-shirt to wear to all the games and just never bought one. Well at the Spectrum they have a small bookstore so I decided to step in for a minute, expecting to pay $20 at least for a stinkin' t-shirt but walked out with 2 for $10 just like our tickets! We spent a GRAND TOTAL of $20 and got ALOT for our money I think! What a fun night!

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