Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Newest Tile Project

Alex got a side job (YAH!) with an old family friend named Bob here in Smithfield. It was about 500 sq. ft. just in floors, which is what you see in the pictures, and 3 full showers (ceiling to floor). As you can see, the floors weren't just a simple pattern to lay down. They were a pin wheel pattern which took alot of extra time, but doesn't it look great! Also, notice the medalion in the entry way. VERY IMPRESSIVE ALEX! He's been working on it now for 2 full weeks but he only has one shower left and he's done! I'll post more pics when everything is 100% complete! Thank goodness for this job because it's enough money (not taxed of course since it's a side job) to pay all our bills for 2 months!

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