Monday, January 5, 2009

Better late then never-CHRISTMAS!

I feel bad I didn't get any pictures from "opening" presents on Christmas morning or Alex's Christmas present-SHOTGUN! He's wanted one forever so I finally gave in. I'll just tell you what we both got from our parents and siblings:
Alex: "The Last Lecture" Book
Power Inverter
"Unsinkable Bathroom Reader" Book
Jayne: -Home Decor sign that says "Bless This House"
-Mad Gab (game)
-gravy mixer
-Christmas Book
Both of us: -Credit Card Monopoly
(All three are games. I told my mom that all I wanted for Christmas were a bunch of fun games. She got all the games I named. She is sooooo good!)
-$100 bill and wedding album from Alex's parents
(Wedding album so I will FINALLY put one together!)
Alex with Caleb and Lucas!
We put Grandma's glasses on Caleb and as you can tell he was totally playing it off! He loved the attention!
Caleb is completely opposite of Lucas when it comes to dogs. Only because Lucas has lived with one since the day he was born and Caleb hasn't. He was VERY unsure of the puppy at first and then he started petting him more and more and saying "he's a nice puppy!" It was so cute!
Robyn and John got Lucas this cute four wheeler for Christmas. He loved hugging Boomer just like he does his own dog Tibo, EXCEPT Tibo is an overweight chocolate lab! He has such a great love for animals, especially dogs.
Since Boomer was MY Christmas present from Alex, I had to put a gift bow on his cute little head for Christmas morning!
Mom and Boomer cuddling on Christmas day. He just LOVES to be close to your face, neck, and chest area. It looks kind of awkward but he was OUT like a light!
This is my nephew Lucas. He belongs to my sister Robyn. They live in Vegas so we don't get to see them but like twice a year maybe more if we're lucky. He is 16 months old. He looked so dang cute in his lil' beanie that I had to take a picture.
I swear WE didn't put them in there! Caleb started it all the day before by pulling Boomer's doggy bed and toys out of his cage and climbing right it and didn't want to get out! He thought it was the coolest thing that he could actually fit! This picture was taken the next day when we had Boomer upstairs so we could watch him. We all took our eyes off Caleb and Lucas for 2 minutes and came to find BOTH of them in Boomer's cage AGAIN! They locked the door and everything and if anyone tried opening it to get them out they would both cry. Boys will be boys I suppose...


  1. Boomer is way cute Jayne!!!
    I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful christmas!!!!

  2. jayne! its steve strank. i need an email for parker. email me