Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More pics of G-Baby in the hospital

Here are a few more pics from the hospital. Garrett will be release on Thursday morning if everything goes well! YAH!
Sportin' one of the new Beanies his girlfriend Peyton got him and doing what he does best: X Box!
Lucas and Garrett getting in their bonding time
Four of G-Baby's favorite girls and one of his favorite nephews!
Garrett and his girlfriend Peyton. Isn't she just a doll? She bought him a HUGE coloring book and crayons so when she came to the hospital in SLC to visit, they sat and colored for awhile and had a great time! What a sweetheart!
Snugglin with my little bro!
Garrett and his best friend and team mate Sam Harris
Garrett receiving his does of Chemo Therapy for the day. The chemicals they put inside his body to kill the cancer is so toxic that if it gets on his skin it will burn him so the nurse administering it to him has to be all decked out with gloves and apron so she doesn't spill on herself or Garrett's arm. Crazy...
Mama Lyons and Garrett just trying to stay positive!

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