Monday, April 13, 2009

G-Baby Pics

I apologzie for posting some of these pictures that were already posted on but I couldn't resist putting them on my personal Blog as well! The first picture is what Robyn (with the help of Katelyn and I) filled out for the nurses to get to know G-Baby better! Of course we were sarcastic through the entire thing pretty much, but hey....we had to get Garrett while he was down! :)
These beautiful flowers were delivered to the hopsital (I beleive) from the Cassia County School District. They are still in full bloom and have made the hospital room smell so nice this entire time! You walk in the door and the smell of them overtakes your sense of smell!
As you can imagine, G-Baby gets ALOT of sleep while he can. He's been sleeping relatively good at night with all the pain meds and all that. During the day he'll break for a nap between visitors, meals, etc. Especially right now, he's starting to get EXTRA sleepyt because the chemo is breaking down his immune system which tires him out. Poor kid....those hopsital beds aren't comfy let me tell you! Each of us sisters have been taking turns snuggling with him in there and it never lasts long because the bed sucks!
This is one of my favorite pics of Garrett and I this week (there were PLENTY of them!) I love laying with him in the bed and either watch him play X Box, watch a movie, or just talk. He's such a good sport! He's been so respectful to all the doctors, nurses, and CNA's. They all just love him to pieces. They said they love getting assigned to his room because he's young enough to actually talk back and NOT on his last breath! Most of the patients on the cancer floor are like wayyyyyy old and grouchy! You know Garrett: smiley, happy, go-lucky, outgoing kid!

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