Monday, July 28, 2008

Road to Hana

So the road to Hana is pretty much the most beautiful drive on earth! It is actually ranked in the top 10 best drives in the world! The best way to explain it is to use excerpts from a book we took along for better explanations of the sites...

"There are few words that can describe the cliffs cloaked in green and the lush valleys bursting with waterfalls more beautiful that you've ever seen."

"When it comes to driving to Hana Town, it's the journey, not the destination, that is the main attraction."

"Without any stops, it can take up to three hours to make the 52 mile journey to Hana Town."

"The Hana Highway winds along 52 miles of undeveloped coastline passing over 50 one-lane bridges and over 600 turns- and that's just to Hana Town."

To say the least, Alex and I both have never seen earth in a more beautiful light than we did on our trip to Hana. The MANY waterfalls, majestic pristine pools of water for swimming, mesmorizing waves hitting the gorgeous coastline, or the delicious fruit stands on the side of the road all made us fall in love with Maui. Here are a few pictures we would like to share with you. I will try my best to let you know the names of the waterfalls and stuff. And by the way, EVERYONE should do this if ever you make it to Maui. Definitely a MUST SEE MUST DO!

The first picture at the top is one of the "Twin Falls" It was a half a mile hike up to it. Obviously it's just one of the twins you can see.

The second picture is me standing next to a beautiful waterfall that I can't remember the name of...I probably couldn't spell it anyways!

The next picture is what the one way bridges looked like....All 52 of them! SCARY!

On the next picture you can see how beautiful the ocean is, but also Black Sand Beach in the distance. The sand is literally pitch black! do not do any of these amazing sites justice because they are just too dang gorgeous! We couldn't get enough of it!

Absolutely amazing right? You just gotta see it for yourself! We have over 100 pictures we took so when we come home in 2 weeks you can take a peak at a few more.

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  1. Jayne-
    Those pictures are beautiful. And I SOOO wish we could go to Hawaii. Maybe someday we'll go for an annirversary or something. Your lucky parents are gonna have a blast! See you at the fair!