Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week in Idaho

I know this blog is over a week late so I apologize, but better late than never right?

We did so many different fun things with family and friends while we were in town for a week. Our first day/night was spent in Utah County and Logan visiting Alex's side of the family and my old boss. We went to the last night of the Logan fair and took Alex's nephew Peyton on the rides. It was alot of fun. He's growing up sooooo fast! We stayed our second day in Juniper, ID with Alex's parents and got as much rest as possible! It was nice to have a day off! We went into Burley on Tuesday to spend time with my family and I mean EVERYONE in my family! Parker, Heather, and Caleb came in on Wednesday, Robyn, John, & Lucas came in on Tuesday, and of course the parents, Katelyn, and Garrett are always there! It was so fun playing with my nephews because they are growing up so stinkin fast and we don't get to see them that much anymore. It was so good to see everyone although it had only been 4 months since we moved. Balancing friends and family was tough because we didn't want to leave anyone out, but I think we managed pretty good. It was also the Cassia County fair that week so we got to enjoy the rodeo with the fam. great fair food, and mingling with lots of old friends. On Thursday morning, all three of us married kids and spouses headed to Twin Falls for the temple open house and lunch at Johnny Carino's afterwards. The temple is so beautiful! It was good bonding time for all of us. We also hit up the mall so Parker could spend some of his birthday money and of course give all of us a chance to spend $$$ as well! Parker's 27th birthday was on Friday so that's when the fam went to the rodeo. On Saturday, our last day, I went to a baby shower for one of my best friends, Casey. I actually was one of the planners and that was alot of fun. Saturday afternoon we said our goodbyes to my family and headed to Juniper to see Alex's family for the last time. We shot the guns, had a campfire, and roasted hot dogs for dinner. It was really a fun trip all in all. We definitely wore ourselves out though!
When we finally got on the plane to come home, it was a bitter sweet feeling. We were excited to go back to paradise and soak up some more sun, BUT sad that our week with our families went by way too fast. Thanks to everyone who made time to stop and say hello!


  1. We sure enjoyed hangin out with you guys! Caleb sure likes his aunt Jayne....and his uncle Jayne :) That was funny. I guess it works right?! We'll miss you. But it'll be time for you to come back before you even know it.

  2. Hi guys! I wish we could have seen you too when you came to Utah. How is Hawaii? I bet you love it- except for being away from family. I would feel like I was on a permanent vacation. Sounds like you are doing very well and happy. I think being further away from family has its ups and downs. Ups- the two of you becoming more dependent on each other. Anywho- I am excited you have a blog too. Lets keep in touch. It always fun to see pictures of family, esp. when you hardly ever see them.