Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend in Oahu

I figured since we have lived here in Maui for 3 months now and just started out blog last week, I better back track and post a few pictures of things we've been up to since we moved here. Hope you enjoy!
We went to this really cool miniature golf place called "Glow Golf". It is a miniature golf course inside a building that is pitch black except for the actual course, your golf ball, a little ring around the hole, your golf club, and pictures on the wall as you can see. It was so awesome because it's different than regular golf and alot harder because they put bumps in front of the holes or inclines that you can't see because of the darkness. I ended up beating Alex by 3 strokes when the night was over. What a surprise... ;)

We took the ferry to Oahu to visit Honolulu. It takes about 3 hours each way. We were only there for 24 hours which included our sleep time so we couldn't really do much. We basically it up the HUGE mall, Honolulu Zoo, and Waikiki Beach Street. The zoo was really really cool. It was the first time Alex has ever been to a zoo that he can remember. He says he maybe went when was very very young but he's not sure. Waikiki Beach Street is kind of like the Las Vegas strip except no casinos and right lights. In the pictures you see the human statue I paid to get a picture with and Alex next to Elmo. The funniest thing we saw that night that we didn't get a picture of was a bunch of kids breakdancing on the sidewalk for cash. There was this kid who was 5 yrs old doing back flips and breakdancing like I have never seen before! He was makin bank cuz everryone was stopping ad paying him personally for a job well done. It was hilarious! We really want to go back before we leave and hit up Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

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  1. Hey Jayne-
    It's Parker and Heather! Yes both of us! Hope your 4th of july is fun! We sure miss you. Love your blog, looks like you guys are having lots of fun in paradise!
    Love you lots!
    Heather and Parker