Sunday, June 29, 2008

our Sunday afternoon...

Today was such a beautiful day. Well I guess EVERYDAY is nice here in paradise. ha ha. When church got out at noon we decided to have a picnic! We went home to make some sandwiches and grab some other goodies and then headed to the beach where there are public picnic tables. Not even 5 minutes later we noticed a whole bunch of little heads popping out of the water all over the place and realized they were sea turtles! We got to watching them and they started doing flips and entertaining us pretty good. Man oh man was it cool. We watched for quite a awhile and they weren't stopping. I'd say there were about 20 of them. Here a few pictures of them.

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  1. Sea Turtles! That's amazing! I wonder if their neames were "Crush" and "Squirt". Probably not....but wouldn't that be funny. Dude. We miss you guys. Caleb is loving living with his grandparents right now. Love your blog!