Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So I just had to share this with everyone...Alex and I were on our way into the apartment after a wonderful dinner out on the town. Everything was awesome and peachy until I came around the corner before approaching the front door and almost stepped on this:

Come to find out it was a toxic bula toad. They have glands behind their eyes that spray poison in its predators or when they feel threatened from behind. They have caused a few deaths in animals and small children here in Hawaii. If Alex would have known that he probably wouldn't have started poking him with a stick....from behind! Pretty gross don't you think? I'm not gonna lie, I didn't sleep at all that night!

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  1. Jayne!
    We love your blog! Holy cow that's one gross toad, and you can SEE those huge glands behind the eyes in that picture! We sure miss you guys. Hope to see you soon! Don't forget to put our blog on your blog, and we'll put yours on ours. :)
    Heather & Parker